Writers' Corner

Tania Runyan

2011 Poetry

Author's Statement

As a stay-at-home mother of three young kids, I have somehow managed to keep my poetry afloat, usually writing in hazy, ten-minute increments in the early morning before those footsteps come down the stairs. The NEA grant will afford me the means to hire high-quality childcare for several hours a week so I can have regular, sustained periods of writing. My current book project, a collection of poems based on the writings of St. Paul, demands careful reading, research, and meditation. These times of solitude will be invaluable to my work, and, I suspect, will help me greet those early-morning footsteps with a little more energy and inspiration!

The Goldfish Pond

I like the dead one best,
my daughter says,

and follows a corpse
the length of her smallest finger
around the edge of the pond.

Among the water lilies
a dozen fish flicker and spark.
Look how pretty, I say.

But she is lost now,
bending so low
her nose almost touches
the scales.

He keeps looking at me.
I love him.

And she reaches into her face.

(First appeared in Indiana Review, 2007)