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Meet a woman who crawled under barbed wire to get on a professional stage.

The joys of erasing the barriers

Ensemble for the Romantic Century blends chamber music with fully staged dramas and changes both theater and concerts in the process.

The magic of creativity at the Lillian Booth Actors’ Home

Still Dreaming documents octogenarian actors taking on Shakespeare

Oud-player, composer, and 2015 National Heritage Fellow

Speaking the universal language of music.

MacArthur fellow and Big Read author

We explore the writing of her powerful memoir, Brother, I’m Dying.

NEA National Heritage Fellow, Advocate for Folk and Traditional Arts

2001 NEA National Heritage Fellow Joe Wilson weaves his storytelling spell into the history of Blue Ridge Mountain culture.

Graham Beal takes us behind the scenes of the new exhibit Frida Kalho and Diego Rivera in Detroit and shares his support for the Blue Star Museum Program.

American Ballet Theatre A History celebrates dance and ABT’s 75th Anniversary

NEA National Heritage Fellow

Ukrainian embroiderer, weaver and bead worker Vera Nakonechny keeps a traditional culture alive.

Speaking Wiri Wiri and translating the immigrant experience.

He had a childhood no one could make up—with his memoir, he creates order from the chaos.

Writing for big bands, choirs, and small ensembles, Carla Bley remains a graceful and innovative voice for progressive jazz.

Four-time National Poetry Slam champion Taylor Mali connects stage and page.

Sam White loves Shakespeare and loves her hometown Detroit. So she emptied her bank account and started a site-specific professional theater company, Shakespeare in Detroit. It’s amazing.