2008 Awards Celebration

Toronto, Canda
NEA Chairman Dana Gioia announced the recipients of the 2008 NEA Jazz Masters Award on October 2, 2007 at a press conference at Dizzy's Club Coca Cola, Frederick P. Rose Hall, home of Jazz at Lincoln Center. In addition to celebrating the new honorees, the crowd at the club also enjoyed a set by 2005 NEA Jazz Master George Wein and the Newport All Stars in celebration of the indefatigable Wein's 82th birthday. (Slides 1 and 2)
The annual NEA Jazz Masters events took place at the International Association for Jazz Education conference January 10 and 11, 2008 in Toronto, Canada. Events included the 2008 NEA Jazz Masters panel, a jazz advocates panel, a private luncheon and reception, and finally, the much anticipated and well-attended award ceremony and concert. (Slides 3 - 20)


2007 NEA Jazz Master Frank Wess jams with George Wein and the band.


Following the first set, George Wein joined NEA Director of Music and Opera Wayne Brown, Jazz at Lincoln Center Board Director Lisa Schiff, and Chairman Gioia. - Photo: Tom Pich


4. At the 2008 NEA Jazz Masters panel are Quincy Jones, Candido Camero, and Joe Wilder - Photo: Tom Pich


5. At the NEA Jazz Masters Advocates panel are 2007 NEA Jazz Master Dan Morgenstern and 2008 recipient Gunther Schuller - Photo: Tom Pich


At the luncheon are 2006 NEA Jazz Master John Levy, 08 recipient Quincy Jones and Devra Hall Levy. - Photo: Tom Pich


At the luncheon, Chairman Dana Gioia, Brenda Feliciano, Quincy Jones, 2006 NEA Jazz Master Paquito D’Rivera, Maria Posner, and 08 recipient Candido Camero. - Photo: Tom Pich


At the luncheon, 2002 NEA Jazz Master Frank Foster and Dan Morgenstern


At the luncheon, Paquito D’Rivera and Chairman Gioia. 


At the luncheon,2008 NEA Jazz Master Joe Wilder and his wife Solveig. 


At the reception are Celia and Frank Foster. 


At the reception are Lida and 2000 NEA Jazz Master David Baker.


At the reception are Chairman Gioia, widow of Oscar Peterson Kelly Peterson, chair of the Canada Council Karen Kain.


On their way to the concert are 1995 NEA Jazz Master Roy Haynes and Gunther Schuller.


At the reception, Director of Music for the Canada Council for the Arts Russell Kelly, Kelly Peterson, and Wayne Brown.


At the NEA Jazz Masters concert are Gunther Schuller and jazz writer A.B. Spellman.


At the concert, 2004 NEA Jazz Master Nancy Wilson and Joanne Robinson Hill accepting the award on behalf of her husband pianist and composer Andrew Hill who died in April 2007.


Former Oscar Peterson student and accomplished pianist Oliver Jones performs in the concert’s tribute to Oscar Peterson.


Concluding the tribute to Oscar Peterson, Karen Kain, Peterson’s daughter Celine Peterson, Kelly Peterson, Chairman Gioia.


At the concert, Quincy Jones receives his plaque from David Baker


Candido Camero, Joe Wilder, and Paquito D’Rivera jam at the finale of the concert.