Black and white movie stills

Stills from Charles Burnett’s Killer of Sheep. Photo © Esopus Foundation Ltd

Charles Burnett
Killer of Sheep
Esopus 12 (Spring 2012)

"In almost every issue, we do something called '100 Frames.' It’s a feature where we feature 100 either contiguous frames but usually just 100 assorted frames from a particular film—usually films that are not that well-known or not that well-distributed. [Killer of Sheep] is an amazing movie from 1977. It’s by Charles Burnett, who’s a real national treasure. He’s since gone on to make a bunch of terrific movies. I just love the movie and I love the imagery; it’s so beautiful. It’s a wonderful evocative film about growing up in L.A. [as an] African American and dealing with ghetto life and having a dehumanizing job and sort of trying to stay in touch with your humanity in the midst of this very inhumane context."