Searching for Goldilocks by Angela Palmer. Engraved Mirogard Glass, 2012. Photo Courtesy of Richard Holttum

Searching For Goldilocks by Angela Palmer

“This is called Searching for Goldilocks,” said Crouch. “It’s the work of Angela Palmer who is based in Oxford. She links science and technology. She’s worked, for example, with physicians and archaeologists to map mummies. All of these projects link science and art. That’s what she does. What you’re looking at is the Keppler Observatory, one of NASA’s largest observatories. It was designed to look for solar systems that had planets. Scientists called them ‘Goldilocks’ because they are not too hot, not too cold—just right for life. She took real scientific data and transformed it into a work of art. Each of the dots represents a system with the potential for life. You can see the ones with planetary orbits. Each sheet of glass is a ¼ of a million light years between each. So, you’re looking back through time as well as across distance. It’s about the possibility of life in the universe. Expressed in a work of art that’s really pretty cool. It is beautiful.”