Flying boy

Flying Boy Over Truro's Pond, 2009, by Fran Forman. Image courtesy of Smithsonian Institution

Flying Boy Over Truro’s Pond by Fran Forman

Utilizing vintage photographs of family members and ancestors, Forman integrates her personal relations with surrealistic conceptions of flying. Ultimately a digital piece, Forman’s work is a prime example of combining technological and traditional art forms. Appearing in the High Art exhibit, Crouch thought it an appropriate piece to feature.

“I think one of the oldest attributes of being human is the desire to fly,” said Crouch. “I mean, it’s the one thing in the animal kingdom that we can’t do. We can run, swim, lots of things, but we couldn’t fly. And the envy of the birds and flying insects, I think, is part of what made us who we are.”