Anonymous Bullying Confession. n.d. Postcards. Image courtesy of PostSecret.

Anonymous Bullying Confession. n.d. Postcards. Image courtesy of PostSecret.

::  PostSecret Founder Frank Warren has said, "The children almost broken by the world become the adults most likely to change it." In this opening section of the exhibition, AVAM looks at the 'misuse of story' and the realities of bullying. According to their website, PostSecret is an "ongoing community art project" that allows individuals from all over the globe mail in their secrets on a self-made postcard. Once received, Warren sorts through the thousands of anonymous secrets and posts a handful of them on his website. What can often be found is universality in the words of the anonymous. Warren helped guest-curate this section of the exhibition and selected an array of photographs he received over the years that addressed bullying. 
"There are so many stories here. In the exhibitions we try to always use the artists' words and push their own stories forward. We're not making judgment and it's not saying that this work is about something. We don't do that. We let the visitor decide what it is about. The interpretation is through the stories that are told and I think that's what really is kind of magical is that its participatory, it's in the DNA." - AVAM Communications Director, Nick Prevas