Entryway to the most recent AVAM exhibition, The Art of Storytelling: Lies, Enchantment, Humor and Truth! Photo by J. Rachel Gustafson

Entryway to the most recent AVAM exhibition, The Art of Storytelling: Lies, Enchantment, Humor and Truth! Photo by J. Rachel Gustafson

::  All exhibitions at the AVAM are based around a central and unified theme. Individual guest curators are invited to lead the various shows and who are likely to have their own special relationships with a particular exhibition theme. The museum follows their "Sure-Fire Recipe for Enchantment" guidelines to create these special thematic visionary arts shows. Some highlights of those guidelines are followed:

  • Take one grand spirited theme that has inspired or bedeviled humankind from the get-go.
  • Add the works of the world's best self-taught artists – known and first-timers – that have wrestled in their lives and art with some key aspect of that theme.
  • Spice the exhibition text with insightful quotes, lyrics, factoids, and humor on diverse aspects of that same exhibition theme – interweaving timeless, global wisdoms.
  • Integrate key historic, scientific, and social justice underpinnings of each theme via the well-researched exhibition text, and dynamic creative partnerships.
  • Top with community based programming that makes a difference. Never bore – enchant!