The Hoffberger Family Welcome Plaza. Photo by Paul Burk

The Hoffberger Family Welcome Plaza connects the Jim Rouse Visionary Center, which opened in 2004, to the rest of the museum complex. The plaza hosts several works including Phoenix by Dr. Tom Evermore and Cosmic Galaxy Egg by Andrew Logan. Photo by Paul Burk

::  "What we're looking at in visionary art is the human mandate to make something. What good is art? Why is there such a primary impulse in human beings to have to make something? Often we find that when the life experience is too big for words, you have these people who never thought of themselves as artists, who never made anything artful, but they had some experience in life either extremely ecstatic and joyful or totally devastating and they’ll start making art. They don't have words for it so they will start expressing it someway else." - AVAM Founder and Director Rebecca Alban Hoffberger