A musician and several dancers perform in front of a large mural.

The Imagineers in Newton, Kansas (Photo by Dave Loewenstein): In a January 26, 2011, interview with Review, an e-magazine focused on the visual arts, Loewenstein said, "The mural process is an opportunity to engage people to manifest something they couldn't do on their own. Murals are what get me in the door, because people understand that idea. But then we get going on other things that can happen, and suddenly you've got a roomful of disparate people having a conversation about making something." As Loewenstein was working on The Imagineers, a member of the design team, who had recently returned from a Liz Lerman dance workshop, became very interested in choreographing a piece in Lerman's community-participation style as part of the celebration of the mural's completion. She used local residents, including a group of young people who had hung out on weekends in the parking lot where the mural was located, not only as the subject of the dance but also as the dancers.