A road rises on the left side of the mural, drops and curls on the right with the silouette of a red eagle on the underside of the curl. On the road are bicycle wheels, moccaisoned and bare feet, roses, and an evolving butterfly next to a purple wave that

What Flows Beneath Our Feet in Flagstaff, Arizona (mural by Black Sheep Art Collective, Cy Wagoner and Dave Loewenstein. Photo by Dave Loewenstein): The influence of place in Loewenstein's murals pertains not only to content but also to design issues, scale, and readability. The artist tries to make things as site-specific as possible, working closely with the history of the community, of the structure on which the mural appears, and/or the geographic location of that structure. The creation of this mural in partnership with a group of Native-American graffiti artists began before a site had been selected. Eventually Loewenstein and his team settled on the wall of a tee-shirt shop only to learn later that the building sat over a section of the Rio de Flag that had been diverted underground. That discovery prompted the title What Flows Beneath Our Feet, and, like the river, the mural reflects challenges that are overlooked or buried.