Scaffolding fronts a wall with a drawn and partially painted mural. Four people with either deep purple or a smoky green paint are filling in the blank, white shapes.

The Pollinators in Lawrence, Kansas (Photo by Dave Loewenstein): The Pollinators was commissioned by the Spencer Museum of Art as part of a retrospective of the work of muralist and Kansas native Aaron Douglas (1899-1979). Early in the design research phase, Loewenstein and his design team realized that Douglas was one of several African-American artists from Kansas working during that era. The group also included photographer Gordon Parks, filmmaker Oscar Micheaux, and jazz musician Coleman Hawkins, among others. So Loewenstein broadened the mural's theme to also honor these masters. The title emerged as Loewenstein and his team tried to tie the theme of the mural to its site, a wall facing the location of downtown Lawrence's Saturday Farmers Market. Pollinating referred to the generative, nurturing role of both artists and bees, each helping others to bloom and grow.