The mural surrounds the outer wall of the base of a concrete ampitheater-shape. One panel features a hand-cranked printing press expelling a sheet of newspaper against flames and a flaming building. Another panel features a can from the Kaw Valley Canning

The East Lawrence Waltz in Lawrence, Kansas (Photo by Dave Loewenstein): Loewenstein's community engagement process doesn't seek to persuade but rather to learn. He gathers people together from the community that will host his work and before even broaching the subject of a proposed mural, he wants to understand their experiences of art. Loewenstein is cognizant of the fact that a museum visit is an entirely different encounter with art from having a work be part of your daily environment. He noted, "I always get a laugh when I say the objects in museums all have same name, 'Do Not Touch.'" Loewenstein draws a parallel between the collaborative nature of creating a mural and working in community theater: "We're not only going to perform in a play, but we are going to write one."