Nine large birds in shades of blue and grey stretch their wings in flight, reaching together towards the upper right corner. Behind and below them is the patchwork of cultivated fields in golds, greens, and reds.

Migration in Great Bend, Kansas (Photo by Dave Loewenstein): From an April 29, 2011 article in the Lawrence Journal-World, Loewenstein noted, "I wanted what I was doing somehow to reach audiences outside the established art audience, to people I meet every day. I also felt like there was a social purpose for visual art that wasn't being used enough to engage in important issues of the day." In that same article, Saralyn Reece Hardy, director of the University of Kansas's Spencer Museum of Art, (and a former NEA director of museums and visual arts) said, "[Loewenstein] doesn't think of art as a rarefied commodity; he thinks of it as part of community life. He involves many collaborators."